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1950's Topless Bathing Beauty ! 1950's Topless Bathing Beauty ! Image Gallery

Posted 20th May 2015. 32 High Resolution Images.

Here's one for all of our Bathing Cap fans, of which we know you are many. And also fans of our stunning, super fit, little Miss Dynamite - Mermaid Kiki ! A previous similar gallery certainly caused a lot of positive reaction, back in February, when we drew similarities to the wonderful old classic swimwear that Esther Williams wore back in those glorious MGM Hollywood days . This time, our gorgeous young Aquawoman goes a little further underwater than Esther and MGM ever did, but that we're betting so many guys of the time would have given anything to see ? The clue is in the Preview picture ?
Seeing all Thirty Two of these wonderful, new and unique, high res pictures is no problem at all for members, of course and so, why not dive right on in ! Hold on to your er . well .. whatever it is you hold on to, Tt ! ;-)

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