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Best Scuba Buddies in Picture ! Best Scuba Buddies in Picture ! Image Gallery

Posted 6th May 2015. 38 High Resolution Images.

Well, the category is 'Scuba Fantasies' and I'm for betting there's quite a few 'Scubaphiles' out there who couldn't think of a better 'Scuba Fantasy' than the underwater scenario we're bringing y'all today ? AND I wouldn't mind betting there's even someone out there who might not be the world's greatest scuba fan but, who just LOVES the swimsuits ? ;-) It's our Perfect Pairing of Diving Divas, namely Mermaids Elise and Kiki, once more raising the temperature of the water by a few degrees as we bring you yet another collection of stunning unique underwater pictures in a quality that we dare others to try and match ?
Over to you Subby ?

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