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God Help The Mister ..... God Help The Mister .....Image Gallery

Posted 22nd April 2015. 29 High Resolution Images.

…………………………who comes between me and my sister ! ( couldn't resist it )
No, it's OK, relax, I'm not about to invent a cheesy storyline ! (phew) You saw these two stunning Aqua-Sisters relaxing, under the water together, just a while back but I know that many of you are just waiting for that familiar Aquawomen style 'Initation' scenario that we so often feature when first bring you new Mermaids ? And so …….. here t'is ! A little younger she may be but after watching this amazing set of new and unique underwater images, I'm willing to wager that you'll agree with me - Mermaid Ellis sure should think twice before dunking Mermaid Porchia again ?

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