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Mermaid Porchia in Vintage Neoprene !   Pt. 1 Mermaid Porchia in Vintage Neoprene ! Pt. 1 Image Gallery

Posted 11th April 2015. 33 High Resolution Images.

This one is for all of you Scuba fans who just love to see beautiful girls wearing Neoprene ? That kinda thing is no problem at all for us here at Aquawomen, of course, because we have all sorts of Neoprene goodies, vintage and new. But even more important than that, of course, we have the stunning underwater models who sure know how to wear it too ! The little rubber swimsuit being worn tonight dates back to the 1970's and always seems to go down well no matter which young Aquawoman wears it ! The Mermaid however is far younger than that and always looks stunning no matter what she wears ! Put the two together, add a little vintage Scuba and WOW ! It's Mermaid Porchia, on Scuba - in Neoprene !

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