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It's Easter Bunny(Girl) Time ! It's Easter Bunny(Girl) Time ! Image Gallery

Posted 4th April 2015. 38 High Resolution Images.

Happy Easter Y'all !!!
Hey ! It's Chocolate Egg time ! - and I love it !! And who brings us chocolate eggs ? Why, it's the Easter Bunny, of course !
Now, we knew that y'all didn't want to see just pictures of a little furry, long eared critter here, plus the fact that they don't swim too well either ! And so, just wait 'til you feast your eyes on our Easter Bunny - Aquawomen style ! It could only ever be our Amazing Mermaid Elise, of course, bringing you a totally superb set of thirty eight new and unique underwater images as she portrays our simply 'drop dead gorgeous' Easter 'Scuba' Bunny Girl, wearing a super white Sub Gear 'Ghost' dive mask, along with a fantastic old Aqualung 'Aqua Master' twin-hose regulator……..and……not a lot else !
Have fun everyone and please, at this special time of year, let's all try and have a Peaceful, Kind and Happy Easter together.

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