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Posted 1st April 2015. 33 High Resolution Images.

...There were never such devoted Sisters !
Well, this is certainly another first for as we proudly take the opportunity to introduce you to our latest stunning young Aquawoman - Mermaid Ellis ! - who just so happens to be the little sister of Mermaid Porchia ! Described by her older sister as a "red hot Ginger who's longing to be a Mermaid ", how could we possibly miss the opportunity of inviting this gorgeous, flame haired, young model, along with her equally gorgeous sister, to come along to our most recent underwater shoot together ! And so, as the wind howled and the rain poured down outside, we all set to work to capture lots of new and unique 'fun' underwater images for y'all of this amazing two-some ! And Boy - it sure was 'Fun' as you will start to see right away !
Yes, we know, Mermaid Elise and now Mermaid Ellis, could become a little confusing ? But what a beautiful situation to be in, huh ?
Happy 'White Christmas' Tt ;-)

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