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Breathing is Easy in an EasyBreath !  Pt 1 Breathing is Easy in an EasyBreath ! Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 25th March 2015. 42 High Resolution Images.

C'mon Subby, you had to be expecting this one sometime, huh ? :-) But hopefully, worth the wait ?
Sheesh, has this been a difficult piece of equipment to get hold of, but Boy, it really is a super piece of kit to use ! I have to stop sounding like a commercial for it but it's that good ! We all LOVE it ! It's called the EasyBreath Surface Snorkel Mask and comes in different sizes and several colours. I think demand certainly caught the manufacturers out because they have been in short supply everywhere causing the 'sharks' to ask for ridiculous sums of money for them on places like Ebay. But, hang tight guys, we have been assured that supplies will be forthcoming this summer and so just wait a while and buy sensibly ! The manufacturers call it a 'Surface Mask', suggesting you can't dive down with it but, just take a look at our Stunning and 'Oh So Fit' Mermaid Kiki, in this super big gallery, as she tries it out for the first time in our crystal clear blue pool ! Once again guys, another first for Aquawomen, we bring you the girls and the gear that others only talk about! ;-)

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