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Fire Fight ! <i>(Cressi - that is )</i> Fire Fight ! (Cressi - that is )Image Gallery

Posted 18th March 2015. 37 High Resolution Images.

Here is a little something to make some of y'all smile ? You guys do love your 'cat fights' don't you ? In direct response to the many requests we received for some more two girl underwater action we sought to even out the scuba v non-scuba balance with this 'dainty' little scenario for y'all. Just take a look at what happened when two of our Scubaliscious young Aquawomen turned up for an party wearing the same swimsuits !! Mind you, as they are both those gorgeous 'Cressi Fire' neoprene rubber swimsuits, we were sure y'all wouldn't have minded ! As poor Mermaid Elise found out - don't mess with Mermaid Kiki ! We have never seen ANYONE pack such a left hook as that underwater !
(May we just confirm that no actual real harm whatsoever came to any of our Mermaids during the filming of this scenario for you ! ;-)

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