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ScubieDoo - Electric Blue - <i>Just for You !</i>  Pt 1 ScubieDoo - Electric Blue - Just for You ! Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 26th February 2015. 31 High Resolution Images.

This one's for you Subby plus all of our many other 'Scubie Doos' who love the sight of a Beautiful Sexy Mermaid, underwater, on scuba ! And they don't come much more Sexy than this Mermaid !!!!! Just take a peek inside and see if you agree ? It's our Devine Mermaid Kiki once again, wearing, er .. is it a Swimsuit ? .is it a Leotard? it Amazing ? The answer to the third of those questions is YES, of course ! The answer to the first two is . Who Cares !!! And, as usual with this 'so talented' young Aquawoman, we have another thirty or so images here - in waiting for y'all !

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