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Two Swimgirls - Out Of Sync ! Two Swimgirls - Out Of Sync !Image Gallery

Posted 20th February 2015. 43 High Resolution Images.

Synchronised Swimming ! Such a beautiful, artistic and visually spectacular sport ! That is, until two of the team members fall out !! ;-) Then, we're just left with the visually spectacular part ! And underwater, that actually increases - dramatically ! That's when are there to capture it, of course ! Here's a little 'fun' for you guys - and it's one of the scenarios we have been asked for, for a long time. We finally managed to get everything that we wanted together and "Boy Oh Boy" the results, throughout the whole shoot, certainly show it to be well worth the wait ! Here, our scintillating Mermaids Elise and Kiki were having so much fun together that we had to intervene and stop them AND we have another Forty or so pictures to bring y'all, still in waiting ! That's if you'd like to see them, of course ? Add an original genuine Speedo S2000, plus a super new Zoggs Cabarita Hydrasuit into the mix, along with classic latex swim caps and nose clips and it all just gets better and better !
It's The Battle of the Tattoos Guys and Gals - something so many of you have been waiting for - Enjoy !

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