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Underwater in Black & White ! Underwater in Black & White ! Image Gallery

Posted 12th February 2015. 30 High Resolution Images.

Sorry to be a little late Guys !
Now here's a thing you don't see too often - and when we did, being with possibly one of the finest scuba 'wardrobes' around, we just had to get it !! It's a white scuba mask ! And who best to model it underwater first of all ? Of course it's our Mesmerising Mermaid Elise, looking somehow even more seductive than ever in these super images ! Not only that but, what about that Swimsuit ??? It's yet another black, shiny, sexy, Japanese addition to our ever growing swimwear wardrobe, in fact, this particular one, we had great difficulty getting it back off of Elise at the end of the shoot ! But then, we did feature it within another two scenarios as well, that day - one with surface supplied scuba and another with no scuba bits and pieces at all ! Not even a weight belt !
I do hope you enjoy this one Guys ?

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