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Kiki Swims Hollywood 1950's ! Kiki Swims Hollywood 1950's !Image Gallery

Posted 4th February 2015. 48 High Resolution Images.

All of our amazing Mermaids have the most wonderful Aquatic skills both in and under the water but also, over the years, we have come to recognise particular special unique things about each of them, endearing them to us even more in their own special ways. For our Divine Mermaid Kiki it just has to be her beautiful, infectious smile, which captivates all of us, above and below the surface, during underwater photoshoots with her - as I'm pretty sure it does for y'all too, when you see her here, right ? And so, recapturing some of the imagery reminiscent of those spectacular MGM 'Esther Williams' golden movies of the 1950's, we proudly bring you a great big Gallery of superb, new, gorgeous underwater pictures, in our own unique Aquawomen style, that we know many of you have come to love.

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