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Flooding Her Masks - Underwater !  Pt 1 Flooding Her Masks - Underwater ! Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 31st January 2015. 32 High Resolution Images.

Recently, we were asked if we could produce some new 'flooded mask' images ? We always like to try and help out if we can and so, armed with no less than five different vintage oval dive masks, it could only really be none other than our own Divine Diving Daredevil - Mermaid Elise to take up the challenge and jump straight into the crystal clear Aquawomen pool, whereupon her heavy weight belt pulled her straight down to the bottom ! Using just a long air hose connected to a vintage Dacor second stage - and very little else ;-), she then proceeded to flood, remove and replace each one of them, in front of the camera, for your pleasure.
As you will quickly see, this super set of underwater pictures only features two of these masks and so, for those who like this theme, there are many more still to come !

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