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Memories Are Made Of This ! Memories Are Made Of This ! Image Gallery

Posted 21st January 2015. 40 High Resolution Images.

One of the super things about looking back through Images of our gorgeous and very special Aquawomen, over the last Eight years, was that we actually found a few super sets of pictures that we had never actually posted for you !!!!! We feel that it would be such a shame if you missed them and so, particularly for all of our scuba fans, we're bringing one of these sets to y'all tonight and it's a nice big one of Forty Images ! And so, please welcome back and enjoy our Scubaliscious Sultry Siren - Mermaid Amber, dressed in a way that I know many of y'all will LOVE ! Namely, in a vintage Beavertail smooth black neoprene wetsuit jacket, vintage oval dive mask and fins and a super old vintage Submarine Products Sea Lion twin hose regulator. This was a very brave girl who was trying to come back after a lousy hit and run driver badly broke her leg. Even with underwater camera technology three generations back for us, we feel that this beautiful girl will still melt the hearts of many here ?

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