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'Sea Hunt'   -  As You Always Wished For ? 'Sea Hunt' - As You Always Wished For ? Video

Posted 13th January 2015.

Over the Christmas and New Year period is always a good time to look back and reflect on things. So often, things may have seemed better then but, here's something that I'm thinking y'all might feel is just a little bit better now ? ;-) So often we ask you to remember that wonderful old classic TV series 'Sea Hunt', from the 1950's and 60's, that is so dear to so many of your hearts BUT how about if we took the theme and just got a little teensy weensy bit 'risqué' with it ? In a way that you could only ever have dreamed of, all those years ago ! ;-)
Take a vintage Voit green oval mask (without nose equalisation), a beautiful old US Divers twin-hose regulator, vintage green fins, a wonderful original 1960's vintage one-piece swimsuit and an equally old white U S Royal bathing cap - place all of these on our 'Scubalisciously Unique and Gorgeous " Mermaid Elise and ……. there you have it !
We told her it would leak if she left her bathing cap inside of her scuba mask but - she thought y'all might like that !
Oh, nearly forgot - and we shot her wearing the same outfit without the scuba gear too !
570 MB - MP4_1280p HD

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