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Mermaid Porchia wearing a Vintage AGA FFM ! Mermaid Porchia wearing a Vintage AGA FFM ! Image Gallery

Posted 29th December 2014. 33 High Resolution Images.

It's been a while since we pulled this piece of equipment out of our props wardrobe / dive locker - and it may well appeal to those of you who love to see our girls wearing full face masks ? It's our delightfully coquettish Mermaid Porchia, wearing a vintage AGA FFM from the mid 1970's, a mask she describes as being one of the most comfortable she has ever worn - and she has worn a few ! ;-) Completing her outfit today, she is also wearing a slinky, shiny black, Japanese short legged swimsuit and a pair of black fins. Sound like fun ? Well she certainly had some ! Scuba fans please enjoy.

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