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Christmas in our AquaWonderland ! Christmas in our AquaWonderland ! Video

Posted 24th December 2014.

It's Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Holidays - just one more sleep to go !!
And to celebrate with y'all I am so pleased to invite you to watch what I believe must be one of our best Christmas videos ever ! Maybe even one of the best generally ? I will simply hand over now and leave Mermaid Elise to do all of the talking for me BUTů..just in case there are those of you out there thinking this is identical to the super Stills set we put onto here for you a couple of days ago - think again ! This utterly outstanding young Aquawoman dives under the surface of the water for you and stays there for almost seven minutes !! with a little help - of course ;-)
Merry Christmas Everyone - I am so hoping this one might please both camps ?
420MB - MP4_1280p HD

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