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AMA Diver Porchia !  Pt. 1 AMA Diver Porchia ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

Posted 13th December 2014. 34 High Resolution Images.

Ama Diving Girls ! - Beautiful Creatures of Fascination and Desire for Aquaphiles all over the world, for many years. Unfortunately, we don't have any young Japanese or Korean Aquawomen with us at present but, we do have our own AMAzing Mermaid Porchia, wearing an authentic Ama diving mask and a real red Fundoshi, whilst loving every minute of bringing a beautiful blonde Ama diver to life for you in this wonderful set of new and unique underwater pictures. Gorgeous and Deadly - the way she handles that wicked underwater knife should deter anyone from getting too close to her fishing territory, don't you think ?

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