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More Underwater 'Spare Air' plus Aquabelle ! Pt 2 More Underwater 'Spare Air' plus Aquabelle ! Pt 2Image Gallery

Posted 22nd November 2014. 30 High Resolution Images.

No, you're not seeing a pair of underwater twins ! But you are seeing the preview for Part 2 of a super Gallery of pictures featuring our resident Diving Goddess - Mermaid Elise, once again showing you how totally 'at home' she is under the water in and out of her vintage AquaBelle diving helmet PLUS some more images of her using her 'Spare Air' Scuba Emergency back up cylinder. These scenarios should not only appeal to her many Scuba fans out there but also to those of you who love to see a beautiful girl wearing a modern, smooth, black neoprene, Freediving wet suit and hood !

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