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Mermaid Kiki's New 'Moray' Semi-Dry Dive Suit ! Mermaid Kiki's New 'Moray' Semi-Dry Dive Suit !Image Gallery

Posted 5th November 2014. 32 High Resolution Images.

You know what ? I don't think we have ever featured one of our gorgeous young Mermaids wearing a semi-dry dive suit before ? Well, that all ends tonight as we're delighted to feature our most amazing Mermaid Kiki for your pleasure, once again, this time showing all of the underwater poses so unique to her, whilst wearing a super new 'Moray' Ladies semi-dry dive suit that appears to have almost been molded onto her ! So different to some of those other places where the dive suits always seem to be so big - and usually made for a guy, huh ? :-)

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