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Memaid Hayley Swims Smooth Black Neoprene Oceanline ! Memaid Hayley Swims Smooth Black Neoprene Oceanline ! Image Gallery

Posted 22nd October 2014. 36 High Resolution Images.

When it comes to Neoprene it would appear that most of you like it 'black and smooth ? Certainly that is what our results suggest for female wetsuits, but, I'm a'guessing that it may well apply to female swimsuits, as well ? And our research also suggests that the brand name 'Oceanline' seems to be quite a favorite with many of you too ? And so, we thought that if we put an Oceanline smooth, black, neoprene, one piece swimsuit on our Oh So Smoulderingly Sexy Mermaid Hayley and took pictures of her underwater . we could be onto a winner? ;-)

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