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So Happy in her HydroGlove Black Rubber Drysuit ! So Happy in her HydroGlove Black Rubber Drysuit !Video

Posted 2nd September 2014.

Right then, who likes their 'Frogwomen' to be not only superb divers but also totally clad in shiny black rubber ! ?? WHOA ! Steady there Subby ! ;-)
Now that I have your attention, please let me introduce y'all to a superb video clip showing our 'Prima Donna Assoluta' Diver, the utterly unique and 'drop dead gorgeous' Mermaid Elise, doing her best to 'destroy' her skin tight, black, Hydroglove vintage style rubber drysuit, in her own inimitable scubaliscious way ! Just over Eight wonderful ScubaFantastic minutes of pure delight for so many of you, I'm sure. (So sorry the underwater modelling light failed just before the end, I think it just overheated !;-) Sure hope it doesn't spoil too much for y'all.
508 MB - MP4_1280p HD

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