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Looking to 'Log Some Bottom Time ?'  -  Pt. 1 Looking to 'Log Some Bottom Time ?' - Pt. 1 Image Gallery

Posted 20th August 2014. 32 High Resolution Images.

Trying to think of something a little different to bring y'all can become a little "challenging' some times, especially when you look back at all of the many different and varied scenarios we have brought you over the past almost Eight years ! This one just came to me when wandering through 'Divers Direct' in Key Largo recently - and I thought it just had to be one to try - for fun ? What do y'all think ? The stunning young Aquawoman, of course, full of 'cheek' as usual, could only be our Dynamic Dive Mistress - Mermaid Elise ! And, if you like it, there's more to come ?
Certainly gives a new slant on the ol' wet T-shirt theme !

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