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It's Amoré ! Pt 1 It's Amoré ! Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 3rd August 2014. 36 High Resolution Images.

Did you know that the Italian word for love is originally derived from the latin verb Amo ? And that conjugated in the 2nd singular present imperative, it becomes Ama ? I'm sure y'all knew that but ….. did you also know that, in Japanese, Ama can also mean "heaven' ? And, if you knew that, do y'all also know that, in Cherokee, Ama means 'water' ? And so … here, only at, we are truly delighted to bring you an absolutely heavenly Mermaid, that we know y'all totally love, especially when she is in or under the water. Diving in an authentic Japanese AMA divers mask and looking a little different than you may have ever seen her before, it can only be our sensational Mermaid Elise bearing a tribute from us to all of those beautiful fearless Ama Divers, past and present, from Japan and Korea ! - AMO, AMAs, AMAt, AMAmus, AMAtis, AMAnt
We don't just throw these notes together you know ;-)

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