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The Saucy '30's ! <i>Underwater, of course.</i> The Saucy '30's ! Underwater, of course.Image Gallery

Posted 29th July 2014. 42 High Resolution Images.

I was gonna call this set "Beautiful Boobs and Bathing Capped Bubbles" but then I thought that might be a bit of a mouthful ! ;-) And so I settled for something far more subtle.
When looking at the poses in this wonderful set of pictures one of the team was reminded of an old penny arcade machine seen in a local fairground museum, apparently it was called "What the Butler Saw", anyone remember ? OK, so in this case he would have to have been an Underwater Butler but, as y'all know, here at anything's possible ! Looking decidedly, gorgeously cheeky, as only she can, it's our Mermaid Porchia once more dressing in swimming attire of the 1930's, namely a rare old 'Aviator' Bathing Cap and an equally vintage black Jantzen one piece swimsuit. Could they possibly have been that naughty underwater in those days ?

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