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Fantastic Frogwoman Hayley !  Pt. 1 Fantastic Frogwoman Hayley ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

Posted 25th July 2014. 34 High Resolution Images.

Anyone out there need a smooth black Neoprene fix ?
Well, we've got just the thing you need ! Looking and feeling so 'at home' under the water in her full Spetton smooth black neoprene wetsuit and hood is our alluring and so beguiling Mermaid Hayley. Completing her dive outfit is a black oval dive mask (naturally), plus a pair of black retro fins and a super old vintage single hose regulator. The only real part of Hayley you can see, uncovered by her slick shiny rubber coating, is her eyes - but, after staring deeply into them for a while and losing yourself - are you really capable of thinking any further ? And, there's more to come !

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