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Twin Hose Mermaid Kiki - The Movie ! Twin Hose Mermaid Kiki - The Movie !Video

Posted 22nd July 2014.

Sorry for the lateness Guys, I was a little poorly over the weekend but, much better now !
We have to go back to March when we first saw our Delicious little bundle of Dynamite - Mermaid Kiki, trying out twin hose scuba whilst wearing a super, bright and colourful summer bikini ! A wonderful old Nemrod Snark 2 twin hose delivers the air to this exciting young Aquawoman as she swims, dives and poses under the crystal clear water, just for you. Be back with y'all real soon meanwhile, please enjoy almost seven and a half minutes of pure Scubaliscious fun !
448 MB - MP4_1080p HD

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