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Neoprene and Scuba !  Pt 1 Neoprene and Scuba ! Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 16th July 2014. 31 High Resolution Images.

Those high cut, high necked, black rubber swimsuits always seem to go down so well amongst our 'Mermaids in Scuba' fans and so, whilst we had our delectable Mermaid Porchia with us last, wearing our newest 'Oceanline' addition to this section of our 'wardrobe', it seemed so silly to miss the opportunity of getting her to put on a single tank, a pretty pink single hose reg, plus mask and fins for y'all on that side of our little club, to enjoy ! The results ? Well, who best to judge other than yourselves ? All I can add is that there were so many good pix once again, we have an equal number waiting for you for later !

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