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And Now - Mermaid Hayley Realises ! And Now - Mermaid Hayley Realises !Image Gallery

Posted 12th July 2014. 32 High Resolution Images.

Up until now there was only one of our Mermaid Team who had not tried out our new black rubber Realise Swimsuits but, we're pleased to say, that's not so anymore. Always capable of overflowing with such sultry sophistication, it's our seductive Mermaid Hayley showing this amazing well loved swimsuit off to perfection, underwater, in a way that just comes so natural to such a top international model. Sexy, Shiny, Seductive, Smooth, Serene and Downright Sassy are a few of the other adjectives I could have used, but then again, I guess I just did !
Have a great weekend Guys - Please Enjoy !
ps - 21's for you Tt ;-)

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