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Remembering 'Sea Hunt' with Mermaid Kiki Remembering 'Sea Hunt' with Mermaid Kiki Image Gallery

Posted 8th July 2014. 37 High Resolution Images.

Time for another bout of 'Spanking' Subby ;-) Many of you loved the video and so let's bring the Stills Gallery to y'all right now, showing our gorgeous, vivacious little 'bundle of dynamite' going back to scuba times that existed way before she was born. Anyone ever seen Sea Hunt in colour ? Well, you're about to, as our Scubaliscious Mermaid Kiki wears a super slinky black Jantzen one piece (complete with that famous 'Diving Girl' logo), a vintage dive mask and fins plus an older ScubaMax single hose reg. And of course, not forgetting that sexy little white US Royal bathing cap, that the producers used so often to disguise the fact that the Dive Girl you saw underwater was more often than not Zale Parry, as opposed to whoever may have been starring on the surface ! ;-)
And so, climb aboard the Aquawomen Time Machine once more as we dive back to Florida during the late 1950's !

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