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My Oh My - it's the 4th of July ! My Oh My - it's the 4th of July !Image Gallery

Posted 3rd July 2014. 30 High Resolution Images.

Congratulations and "Happy Holidays" to all of our many members and friends in the good ol' U S of A ! It's July 4th and it's Party Time !
Being lucky enough to have homes on both sides of 'the pond', I get to enjoy the celebrations on both sides too ! And today, joining in the festivities and making it 'two in a row', it's our Highly Salubrious, indeed Heavenly Mermaid Elise, dressed and undressed, in true patriotic style as she tries desperately to fly 'The Flag" whilst happily posing under the water. What she needs is a good stiff flagpole to help her, I don't suppose any of you out there have one to lend for a while, do you ? ;-)

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