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You Like Competition SwimGirls ?  Pt 1 You Like Competition SwimGirls ? Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 20th June 2014. 37 High Resolution Images.

Who likes SwimGirls ? You like SwimGirls ? We like SwimGirls. We ARE SwimGirls !
And no-one more so than our incredible, so athletic and Drop Dead Gorgeous Mermaid Kiki ! This is a set she particularly loved doing as it beautifully shows off her wonderful, highly toned and super fit body ! Achieving and maintaining this level of fitness takes quite some doing, but Boy Oh Boy does she look "HOT" in a super sleek Speedo Fastskin race suit, smokey glass goggles and a fiery red swim cap ! And, of course, taken where so many others seem unable to do so properly, namely Underwater ! Such an abundance of super shots captured once more that we simply had to break them into two separate Galleries to bring them to you.
Think you could catch her in the pool ? Think again !

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