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Mermaid Kiki Swims a Vintage Cressi FFM !  Pt 1 Mermaid Kiki Swims a Vintage Cressi FFM ! Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 6th June 2014. 40 High Resolution Images.

How pleased we are to own, not one, but TWO of those wonderful old Cressi Full Face Snorkel Masks. The number of times we are asked to sell one certainly shows us how popular they are with you guys also, I think even young Tt forgives us for using them ? ;-) Well, it occurred to us that we still had one of our special young Aquawomen who had yet to try one out and so, stand by for a jaw dropping, super size, Gallery of pictures showing our deliciously fit and gorgeous Mermaid Kiki doing just that ! Needless to say she took straight to it like a 'Mermaid to Water ' so much so that even after a ruthless selection process, we still have another similar number of additional images to show you, it you would like to see them ?
Happy weekend Guys and Gals - Enjoy !!
This set does come with an International Health Warning for those of you who may already be of a fragile disposition ? ;-)

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