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Black, Bad and Rubber Clad !  Pt. 1 Black, Bad and Rubber Clad ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

Posted 4th June 2014. 40 High Resolution Images.

OK, so there are one or two other sites that bring you pictures of Frogwomen in rubber drysuits, yes ? And indeed two of them always feature images that are extremely good, indeed classic in their own way but, where we are different is that we bring you vibrant, clear images of our Fantastic Frogwomen - Underwater ! This one is definitely one for those of you who love to see their Aquawomen clad in all black rubber ! And even some of you who are not normally into such, might well find one or two of these images 'interesting' because, no-one else quite brings you a 'Rubber Frogwoman' scenario, underwater, as well as our own Mind Blowing Mermaid Elise ! Wearing a HydroGlove, replica, vintage, two piece rubber drysuit, that seems to cling 'oh so tightly' whilst highlighting every one of her beautiful curves, this stunning young Dive Mistress hopes you will enjoy the first FORTY new and unique underwater images of her latest 'Fantastic Frogwoman' scenario. With another forty PLUS a very cheeky video still to come !

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