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More Twin-Hose Bikini for Y'all  !  Pt. 1 More Twin-Hose Bikini for Y'all ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

Posted 7th May 2014. 35 High Resolution Images.

You're already voting away again ;-) It seems there are those amongst our scuba fans who just can't get enough of our beautiful young Aquawomen, wearing a simple bikini and a vintage twin hose diving reg. And when they look like our scintillating and Scubalicious Mermaid Porchia in this set of underwater pictures, it's not too difficult to understand why ! Wearing a super old vintage oval scuba mask and sporting a fearsome little Spirotechnique speargun, to enhance her natural "Bond Girl" appearance, who wouldn't want to be captured underwater by this stunning Scuba Beauty ?

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