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 The Realisation of Mermaid Kiki !  Pt. 1 The Realisation of Mermaid Kiki ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

Posted 6th May 2014. 37 High Resolution Images.

Stepping out and into the water, wearing her new, shiny, black, Japanese Realise Swimsuit was such a 'turn on' for our super fit, stunning Mermaid Kiki, she told us. Goodness only knows what it is likely to do to many of you ? Well, you haven't got long to wait and see because, Part One of this amazing Gallery of unique underwater images is now fully activated and waiting here, just for you ! As long as you're a Member of, of course ! Such is the professionalism and aquatic ability of all of our current amazing Mermaids that we always end up with so many super pictures. Far too good to waste ! And so, we do have more, coming your way, a little later.

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