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Underwater Captive ! Underwater Captive ! Image Gallery

Posted 3rd May 2014. 36 High Resolution Images.

Been a while since we've done a little scenario for those of you who love to see our underwater 'Damsels in Distress' ? So, let's change that for y'all right here and now. Of course, we all know, by now, that our quite incredible young Aquawoman Elise really can stay underwater forever, without needing to breathe but, she's always happy to pretend she's not really a Mermaid for y'all and we all think she does an amazing job at acting out scenes like this, don't you ? Once again I'm smiling when looking at all of the votes this one has received whilst it was only "Coming Soon" so, only those last words let's keep y'all waiting no longer ! ;-) Handcuffed to the pool wall and left alone, without air, just how long can she hold her breath for ?? It's our Mindblowing Mermaid Elise !

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