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A Mermaid in a Fish Net ! A Mermaid in a Fish Net !Image Gallery

Posted 19th April 2014. 33 High Resolution Images.

Normally, being underwater in a 'fish net' would be a Mermaid's greatest fear ! However, on this occasion, our most accomplished Dive Mistress simply revels in it ! Definitely one for the scuba fans as our unbelievable Mermaid Elise dons a dive suit that will simply 'blow your mind' ! Add a super modern Hollis dive mask, which she actually manages to keep on for a short while, a very small single hose reg and a pair of fins and y'all would have to agree - they don't really come much more 'Scubaliscious' than this !
And better still, there are also plenty of super pics left over for a second part !

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