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Swimming Back to the 1930's ! Swimming Back to the 1930's !Video

Posted 16th April 2014.

Do you think that there were Aquaphiles way back in the 1930's ? I mean, do you think that guys were turned on by beautiful girls wearing one piece swimsuits and rubber bathing caps then ?? Maybe that's where it all started ??? ;-) Hey Ho, let's all jump in the Aquawomen Time Machine once more and take a little ol' peek, to see what you think ? The young Aquawoman waiting for you there is our delectable Mermaid Porchia, wearing a very rare, green, chin strapped bathing cap circa 1932, along with a black Jantzen one piece swimsuit from a few years later, around 1938. Of course, as a member here you have a front seat for watching her, right at the bottom of the pool ! This has to be one for Tt as, believe it or not, the model of Porchia's bathing cap was called an 'Aviator' ! ;-)
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