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How Deep !  Pt. 1 How Deep ! Pt. 1Image Gallery

Posted 11th April 2014. 33 High Resolution Images.

No matter how many times we revisit this scenario, you never seem to grow tired of it and the requests for more keep on a'comin' ! This time it's our Kaleidoscopic Mermaid Kiki (OK, OK it's the best I could do just now !) putting on her skimpy white T-shirt, oval dive mask and tiny single hose reg to go scuba diving in that beautiful, blue, warm, deep Aquawomen pool ! Scubaliscious or what ? Hold on to your - er, well, whatever it is you hold onto Guys ! ;-) It's a SUPER one for you tonight !!! And there's another 30 + pictures from the same shoot still waiting for you !

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