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More reflections on Sea Hunt ! <i>( in color ) </i> More reflections on Sea Hunt ! ( in color ) Video

Posted 4th April 2014.

Shades of 'Sea Hunt', but shot in 2014. Here's seven and a half minutes of pure nostalgia for our ardent band of vintage scuba enthusiasts, who love their dive gear to be old but their dive girls to be young ........ and gorgeous ! It's Mermaid Kiki loving being back in the pool and also loving being back in the 1950's. She adores vintage clothing and retro fashion and so she actually thought it great fun to put on a little black vintage Jantzen one piece swimsuit and a captivating white US Royal bathing cap, for some underwater fun. Helping her breathe is an older model ScubaMax single hose reg - and helping you to see those wonderful big brown eyes is a vintage oval dive mask. Please enjoy ! Over to you subby ! ;-)
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