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Twin Hose Mermaid Kiki !  Pt 1 Twin Hose Mermaid Kiki ! Pt 1Image Gallery

Posted 29th March 2014. 36 High Resolution Images.

You request and we deliver ! ;-)
I can't help smiling as I'm writing this one, trying to imagine what 'smurfie' and 'subby' may make of this Gallery ? Please make sure you are sitting down before visiting, dear subby. Typical of all of our Magnificent Mermaids, our gorgeous young Kiki settles right down to the task of bringing total Aquawomen 'Scubalisciousness' to y'all ! Totally undaunted by being asked to try out a vintage Nemrod twin-hose regulator for the very first time, she manages to look, not only completely comfortable, but also completely stunning at all times ! Once again, we find ourselves with so many beautiful pictures that we are able to split them into TWO super Galleries for you. It's vintage bikini scuba, the beautiful young Mermaid is far from vintage, the images are amazing - it can only be

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