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Hes Back !  Pt. 2 Hes Back ! Pt. 2Image Gallery

Posted 27th March 2014. 33 High Resolution Images.

'Black is Back' - OK so it's a little tenuous, I know but, he is from the 'Black Lagoon' originally !
It's the return of the Monster that every true hot blooded Aquaphile would love to be because, of course, he always gets the chance to grab, pull under and hold on tight to all of our amazing young Aquawomen ! This time, once more, it is our sensational Mermaid Elise putting up such a valiant defence against 'The Creature" and Boy Oh Boy did she enjoy the chance, at last, to play the 'other half' of such a pairing in our 'fun' little scenarios. And, of course, once again, Elise thought you might like to see her at the end of filming, looking quite naturally beautiful and proving that no-one is ever actually harmed in shooting such scenes for those of you who just LOVE to see underwater damsels in distress ;-)

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