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A Gorgeous 'Rubber Goggled' Frogwoman ! A Gorgeous 'Rubber Goggled' Frogwoman ! Image Gallery

Posted 15th March 2014. 30 High Resolution Images.

Do you like Frogwomen ? I mean REAL black rubber Frogwomen, photographed where they are dressed to be, namely underwater ? Then it's only who ever bring such images to you and accordingly, today's update is just for you. Also, when you mention the words 'Frogwoman' and 'Aquawomen' together it can only usually mean our own unbelievable, highly skilled Diving Diva - Mermaid Elise. Cocooned in her thick, black, rubber Hunter drysuit and hood, we first see this beautiful young Aquawoman wearing an oval scuba mask and a vintage twin hose reg, then the same mask along with a vintage Dacor single hose reg. with the remaining majority of images seeing her lose the mask and don a sexy pair of vintage black rubber goggles. So as not to totally spoil Tt's plus any other non heavy diving fans weekend, we included a little 'teaser' image at the end to give y'all something to look forward to ! ;-)

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