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Kiki 'Realises' Underwater ! Kiki 'Realises' Underwater !Video

Posted 12th March 2014.

Now here's an amazing 'cult' swimsuit that so many of you must have seen before, usually on beautiful young Japanese models ? Indeed, one or two other sites have featured it from time to time, but never quite like this - and underwater ! The swimsuit is a slinky, shiny, black rubberised 'S2000 style' one piece made by 'Realise' in Japan. We felt it was something that any well respected underwater 'wardrobe department' should have and as we truly feel that there is generally none better than ours, then of course we obtained one or two for our member's pleasure ;-)
The totally gorgeous young Aquawoman is none other than our scintillating Mermaid Kiki, back with us once more and long overdue. Lovers of the 'truly fit' female form underwater should really enjoy this beautiful, seven minute long video clip, encoded to a very high spec.
514 MB - MP4_720p HD

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