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Mermaid Kiki in her Teeny Weeny Kini, Once More ! Mermaid Kiki in her Teeny Weeny Kini, Once More ! Image Gallery

Posted 8th March 2014. 40 High Resolution Images.

It's a Brunette !! And what a brunette ! What a pleasure, after such a long time, to bring you our stunning 'Little Miss Dynamite' - Mermaid Kiki once more. And, once more, wearing her own delightful Bikini. It's a super size Gallery of FORTY images showing the wonderful underwater athleticism of this super fit young Aquawoman, once again. And, it gets better ! To celebrate this exciting young Mermaid's return, we are inviting you to offer your suggestions to us, using the Member's Comments feature, as to what you would like to see her wearing and doing for you underwater, when finally getting together with us once again for another underwater photoshoot, very soon ? Please be sure to keep within our normal taste and legal guidelines and it would also greatly increase your chances of success if you choose swimwear or dive equipment from our existing, extensive 'wardrobe'. We can't promise to include everything, but we will do our best to satisfy at least six of your genuine sensible requests.

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