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Petticoat Pirates 2014 ! - Pt 2 Petticoat Pirates 2014 ! - Pt 2 Image Gallery

Posted 6th March 2014. 34 High Resolution Images.

Here's some more 1960's 'Frog Girl' fun for our regular sub aqua Buffs ! ;-) ( I don't just throw these together, you know ! ) Such a classic Aquaphile scuba scenario deserves such a classic, beautiful young Mermaid to bring it into the 21st Century, don't you agree ? There's not much more that I can really add to that I wrote when we posted Part 1 of this super set, back in early January. It certainly seemed to "bake lots of your potatoes" back then and so here's to an abundance of red hot French Fries for y'all today ! Have fun boys, would you like the nylons back now Tt ? ;-)

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