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Mona Lisa in a Ponytail ! Mona Lisa in a Ponytail !Image Gallery

Posted 2nd March 2014. 36 High Resolution Images.

"Venus in a Blue Pool - Mona Lisa in a Pony Tail " - Hey, I'm feeling very musical today and looking forward to a beautiful Ft. Lauderdale day, whilst listening to early morning Magic 102.7 ! Then, this track played and it seemed so apt ! ( OK, so she's not wearing jeans but - which would you prefer ? ;-) what the hell is she babbling about now, I hear half the world ask ? Yes, I'm back in my wonderful second home for a short while, leaving all the cold and wet weather behind. Happy Sunday everyone - and especially Happy "2nd Day of Spring" (unless you're in Aus or NZ of course, where, I guess, it's the 2nd day of Autumn ?), Anyways, here at Aquawomen it's never too cold for our wonderful Mermaids to go in the water and so, to brighten your weekend, we thought y'all may love to see pure aquatic elegance, once more, in the stunning shape of Mermaid Elise , "bedazzling" you in the one piece swimsuit that she last wore, prior to being attacked by our resident 'Creature' ! Lovers of beautiful underwater Aquawomen sporting Ponytails be warned !

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