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Posted 26th February 2014. 31 High Resolution Images.

Hey Guys and Gals, not that we feel we have to apologise for bringing you such wonderful underwater images every week but, I wanted to explain why it is only our delectable Mermaids Porchia and Elise 'carrying the flag' for us at the moment. Reason being that, the weather, flood and transport situation has been so bad here recently that we have had to cancel four successive underwater shoots which, as you can imagine, has given us all real headaches. But, the situation is improving now and please be assured that some of our other gorgeous Mermaids, like Kiki and Hayley, will be back on your screens very soon ! Meanwhile, back to today and a real treat for all of our Mermaid Porchia fans, especially those who love to see high tech competition swimwear, worn by a stunningly beautiful girl, with scuba ! - something you don't see too often elsewhere. Cute, sexy, coquettish, seductive, irresistible or just downright 'drop dead gorgeous' ? - Why not dive in and decide for yourselves !

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