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It's Our 7th Birthday ! It's Our 7th Birthday !Image Gallery

Posted 18th January 2014. 32 High Resolution Images.

Seven Years, Can you really believe that ? SEVEN YEARS !!!!!!!!!!
Seven years ago today, just after midnight, we nervously launched AND thanks to you and to some of the most amazing underwater models on the planet - we are still here ! Not only that but, it has to be so fitting AND we are so proud, to be able to bring you tonight the simply stunning young Aquawoman who starred in the very first Gallery we ever uploaded, all that time ago ! She was amazing then and she has surely matured into one of the finest underwater models you will find anywhere in the world ? It can only be - Mermaid Elise, of course ! We open up with an image from that very first ever Aquawomen Gallery, to set the scene and then, in an effort to appeal to both the diving and the non-diving fraternities, we bring y'all a mixed gallery of each.
Seven Years - My, Oh My, Oh My - Anyone starting to itch yet ?

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